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18 October 2007

Just a quick post to get this started.

Hokay, if I do this right we should have a regularly updated blog with updates in regards to the forum, humorous and insightful articles (or, if Moxx writes them, absolutely hideous works of offence), and a groundwork for what Inconvenienced, if a website ever appears, will be like.

I might have something funny written over the weekend. Over Saturday and Sunday I'll edit this page and get it looking nice and presentable, and add some more features. It's not going to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ by any means, but if we do enough, and link enough, perhaps we'll get some new members.


Matias said...

fuck you

Afro-Dude said...

matias speaks truth.

Taylor said...

Only emo faggots have blogs.

Taylor said...

This is CSFan, by the way.

Katana said...

not gonna deny you there, taylor. That's generally how it is.

On the other hand, one blogger in a million can actually write something interesting, and be humorous about it. I suppose it's worth a try, and hopefully it won't be reduced to the layer of pond scum covering much of myspace.