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19 October 2007

It's Friday.

And the start of the weekend. A weekend that will bring with it a sprucing up of the appearance of this already saucy blog, a slew of links, a couple more contributors, and possibly, just possibly, the first article.

I've gotten into the beta test for Hellgate London, so over half-term I'll be checking out that and telling you how I get on. The first impressions of the game are "above average", so I'm a little cautious going into it. But as someone who isn't gleefully sentimental about Diablo (I missed all that buzz), I'll give my honest opinion.

By the way, I don't know why Moxx posted a picture of a character from Happy Days, but here's a link to PC Gaming Blog Rock Paper Shotgun as they check out what has got to be the greatest Transformer ever made.


Carlos said...

Holy shit, that transfomer made my day, it's awesome, but I agree with the comments on that site about a Companion Cube Transformer, that'll be nice.

Katana said...

Do you remember that time when I told Chell to dispose of you and then you were like "NO WAY." and then you transformed and you killed her. That was great.