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19 October 2007

Check out the banner!

Thoughtfully provided (free of charge, mind you!) by the masculine, tough-guy form of MS-DOS4. I'd say he has a worrying monopoly on this "custom images" jazz, what with designing most of the custom images you'll see on the forum as well.

Anyway, you've probably also noticed that there has been some changes in other areas of the blog as well. There's a nice blue theme running through everything, and I've added links to the three places (other than this) you'll find Inconvenienced throughout the web.

There should be a bundle of activity over the weekend, so watch out for that.

And because I thought it deserved a bit of an advert, check out Sum0's detective stories. Despite one of them being about a murder, they made me smile.

1 comment:

Carlos said...

Fucking shit that banner kicks major fuckin' ass, Keep it.