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22 December 2007

If anyone ever wondered why I hate WoW...


Some jackass on a WoW IRC channel has taken it upon himself to not only have every friend he has vote for his machinima, but also to DOWNVOTE every other video on the site. One machinima that you may have heard of, in which GLAdoS faces off against the HP computer (prize of the contest) was at around 90 votes, and now has -16!

Do not let people win through such cheap and underhanded tactics. One way to deal with it is to vote for the machinima you like, and be sure to vote down on the video of the guy who incurred it.

Also, it would help to E-mail the site's creators and let them know that the public will not let this stand. If general knowledge that they let a spammer win a contest gets out, the site will undoubtably become less popular.
(the contest is not over yet, and there is still time to act)
On December 27th the contest will be over. Let's hope it's over for the WoW jackass.

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