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21 October 2007

Still to come...

If you look downwards, you'll see Katana's article about disappointing games - the ones that had potential to be classics, but fell just short at the final hurdle. It's really rather good.

Moxx should have his first article up in the next few days. We've been discussing it and we're convinced it's going to be very, very funny.

trapped, well, I dunno what he's doing. I should really badger him for information. It'll be something you'll wish you'd never read, you can count on that.

As for me, I'm going to be writing a few more humorous articles in the next few days too. Right now I haven't decided which one to use first, but when I do you can expect something that'll be funnier than the mostly-experimental swan article.

1 comment:

queasy said...

I can tell Moxx's article is going to be the one that puts this blog on the map. In a "CIA Terrorist Watch" kind of way.